Thursday, September 15, 2011

Better Late than Never

Sorry everybody.  We have been SO busy this summer.  Blog posting has been neglected, but honestly, who has time to get on the computer when we are having so much fun with new activities?

We discovered that we love live music.  We're fanatics!  Margot and I LOVE to dance and sing in front of the stage.  In these pics we are spending an evening enjoying the entertainment with our friend Paige at the Dog Days of Summer in the Village.

Do you like our hats?  GAM got them for us, we think they are swell!

We also recently took our very first trip to the zoo.  I know, I know....Mom and Dad totally slacked on getting us there.  Boy was it worth the wait!  We went with Paige, Bennett and their mom Alysha.  Just last night Margot and I were discussing what our favorite part of the zoo is.  We went back and forth between the gorillas and the polar bear.  We decided on the polar bear because he was such a ham doing flips in his pool.  The gorillas were just sleeping.  They did have funny feet, though.

Mom and Alysha got pretty did Margot and Bennett.  What dopes!  They didn't figure out how to conserve energy and prolong zoo time like Paige and I did .... ahem strollers.

Check out our 'cheese' faces below.  We say cheeeeeeese for the camera, the only problem is that we can't open our eyes and say it at the same time.  Another thing you might notice in this pic is us sitting in big boy and big girl chairs.  YES!  Seriously, no more baby or high chairs.  We're in the big leagues now.

I'll leave you with a sight I get to see every night and every best friend Elmo Margot!  Yes, I realize the binky might negate the "big leagues" comment above, but it's just too cute to keep from you.

Milk and Cookies,

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