Monday, September 27, 2010


Marvelous Margot here-
We like to work smarter, not harder at the Fair house.  That is why we were thrilled that our friend Avery posted a blog post for us.  She is our blogging inspiration, so when she dedicated almost a whole entry to our fun playdate, we were tickled.  Then David got a smart idea.  He said we should post Avery's post.  That way we can show everyone all the fun pictures without having to do all that uploading stuff.  I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste Avery's whole post (plus that would be plageary, plagueary, plagery, plagiary).  Luckily my bro showed me how to post a link.
Camaraderie Is Awesome  That is the name of Avery's post.  I decided to one-up him with the fancy hyperlink.  Ha!
And I couldn't resist downloading ONE picture from Avery's post - my favorite.  Is David in the ball pit or on a waterslide?  Also, I see London, I see France!  Tee hee.  I couldn't resist.
You can REALLY see David's underpants if you click on this link.  Seriously, I am on fire with the hyperlinks.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Wednesday from Happy Hair Margot

HI there!  It's Margot with some pictures and video for you.  Mom caught this funny video of David laughing.  He is such a ham.  And I am walking all the time now (bring on the dresses).  The video shows me walking at the Manhattan Country Club.  I was on top of the world!  Don't be alarmed by the squeaking in the background.  Mom and Dad think it's funny to put them in our shoes to encourage us to walk.  We know they really just want another way to keep track of us.
We love watching visitors come see us.  Here we are waiting for mom to get home from work.
We have a new stroller that we LOVE because we get to face each other...when we want to.  Sometimes David takes my bottle, the little bandit!  I have to be turned away as to not give him a piece of my mind.  
We love uncle Jeff.  He comes to take us on walks, too.  He teaches us things, like how to play the peeano..peano..piano.
I wasn't sure about putting this one in because David's head tends to get BIG when he gets love from his lady friends.  Paige looked so cute in this one that I had to include it.  Ha!
That's all for now.  Mom said it's time to go to bed, so David and I are heading to the nursery.  We're not promising to fall asleep right away, but we are pretty good about hanging out in our cribs when they say it's "bedtime."  Usually David talks my ear off until I fall asleep, similar to what Dad did to Aunt Lulu when they shared a room.  Catch you later, alligator!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vroom Vroom

Hi everyone! It's Margot. Mom was out of town last weekend in Atlanta for Aunt Martha's bachelorette party. She called us a lot from Aunt Jane's house. We thought she'd come back on Sunday, but she stayed for 3 MORE DAYS going to different places for work. We had a lot of fun at Ba and Da's. And Aunt Denise came to visit....she helped me film David playing with his car:

Ramblin' Man

Hi everyone, it's David! Mom and Dad went to the K-State game on Mom's birthday, so we had lots of time with Grandma (Manhattan pictures to come in a later post) to plan this blog entry. We know, we know...we haven't posted in a while and have lots to share. We've been very busy playing with our new ball pit and slide....and learning to put our cups on our heads.

We had our annual get-together with all the Bolliers at Connie and Marcel's. It was so much more fun this year because we could walk/crawl around and play with all the Wehrle and Bollier kids. I really hit it off with Gavin. He was so nice and played with me through the window to the hallway. Margot and Lauren had a blast together. Lauren really liked Margot's shoes. Sheesh...girls!

We went to our first funeral recently, too. It was in Topeka. It was our first trip to Topeka aside from when we have driven through on the way to Manhattan. I'm told the funeral was lovely - an outside service for Aunt Vivian. We never met, but Mom said we would have loved her. Lots of family was there, and Aunt Cheryl kept us in line during the service. We liked hearing all the adults singing songs and tried to join in, unfortunately we're not very good at words yet, or timing, but I digress.

GAM and GUD are on a TWO MONTH trip biking across the country right now (well, GUD is driving, GAM is biking). We really wanted to see them before they left, so we asked Mom and Dad to have a dinner at our house. As usual we were pretty much the life of the party. Apparently everyone left shortly after we went to bed. You'd think Mom and Dad could have kept them entertained without us.

Our friend Nathan - who is only 6 months older than us came over to check out our digs. He loved the ball pit. There's something like eleventy billion balls in there! We had an awsome time playing with him and checking out what big kids do. Margot pretty much started walking all over the place after he left.
Well, that's it for now. Margot is working on pulling together all our pictures and videos from our trip to Manhattan and some fun play time with our friend Paige (who is turning one tomorrow - Happy Birthday, Paige!). I can't promise how early we'll post. Mom and Dad have a busy week planned for us including a play date with Avery and a birthday party for Paige. We have lots of fans out there that we don't want to disappoint, so we'll try to hurry. Smell ya later! -David