Monday, November 22, 2010

First job

Hi everyone, it's David here!  We had our first job this a flower girl (Margot) and a ring bearer (me) for aunt Martha and uncle Chris' wedding!  It was so much fun.  Ba and aunt Denise converted our wagon to a wedding-worthy carriage.  It was a game day decision whether Margot would go down the aisle, but our new friend Maddox came through with some Cheerios and "made it work" (can you tell mom watches Project Runway with us?).  I know we haven't posted in a while.  The computer was broken for a while, um, maybe because we bent the screen back too far.  Oops!  Since we last posted, we had our first REAL Halloween.  Mom and Dad dressed us up as chicks (and ate all our candy).
Things are crazy at our house right now as Mom and Dad are getting ready to host Thanksgiving.  We are sure we'll have lots of good pics to post soon.
Later, alligator!