Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lost camera battery charger

OMG  Mom lost the camera battery charger, so we are unable to post any pictures.  Seriously, Mom, you're killing us!

We have been busy, though.  We will now say "thank you" on demand.  We are always fighting over our "Woody" doll that Marci gave us.  I crack up when David calls him 'Doody.'  We have been a little lost this week because we have not seen Ba.  Mom and Dad said she went to Mexico and that we'll see her in a week or so.  Seriously, without us?  We have been playing at our house ALL WEEK.  Mom and Dad got the ball pit out, which was cool.

Today, GAM came to see us!  SWEET!  To the blog reading rookies out there GAM is our Great Aunt Mary.  She brought us some cool pinwheels from some place called San Francisco.  We are in love.  We'll post pictures if, ahem, Mom ever gets it together and can charge our camera battery.

Anyway, it has been really cold and snowy here.  David thinks the snow is great, but I say YUCK.

Sorry for taking so long to post.  I was waiting on the camera but, ugh, still nothing.