Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm using my old camera (lost the new one) are some recent pictures of David and Margot.

Geoff with David:
Bubba holding his son:

The twins hanging out in Margot's crib:

No pictures, but time for an update

I have been waiting on updating the blog until I can find my lost camera...but it has been too long! I will just have to go picture-less with this update. David and Margot are playing with toys! Monday, September 21, I put Margot down on her back under the play gym at Ba's house. I was tending to David and realized that Miss Margot had been pretty quiet for a while. I looked down and saw that she was grasping/playing with the big peacock toy that Ba had hanging off the gym! She laid there and played for 30 minutes! It was so wonderful. Then Mr. David followed suit on Tuesday. He didn't want his sister to have all the fun.

Everyone is happy and healthy. David and Margot are getting very good at sleeping through the night. Thank goodness! There are still 2-3 nights/week that one of them will wake up around 3 or 4 am ready to eat, but that is a big improvement over where we were a few weeks ago. When they are not sleeping, the precious angels are keeping us entertained with their coos and smiles. It is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to find my camera so I can post some pictures.....