Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer fun

We have been busy kiddos!  We are getting in lots of play time with our friends this summer.  Bennett and Paige have been coming over lots for dinner and play time.  If you look closely, you can see that I'm sitting in a big-boy chair in this one.  Bennett showed me how it's done.

Aunt Martha set up a fun play date pool party.  We met a new friend - Remy - and also swam with Paige and our cousins Braden and Calen.

Mom made us wear these lame life jackets, but they actually ended up being pretty cool because we got to sit on the edge of the pool and splash our feet whenever we wanted. 

We forgot about the ball pit!  Mom brought it out for play time with Paige.  Fantastic.

Can you believe all four of us could fit in a chair and a half?  Da says we have to get in it every year until we graduate from college.  Dad says that at the rate we destroy it he hopes we don't have the chair that long.  According to Mom and Dad, we are covering up the milk stains and magic marker calligraphy.  Calligraphy?!  Dad, quit looking over my shoulder and putting in big people words!

Speaking of our penmanship manuscript scribbling skills, Magnadoodles are the best!  Here we are having some arts and crafts time at home.

We also got a new mailbox.  Mom lets us know when we have mail, but we also have figured out it's a good place to hide toys for later.

 As I said, I can now rock the big boy chair.  Margot is working the big girl chair, too.  Here I am outdoing my earlier effort in a big boy chair WITHOUT arms. 
TTFN, big white hen,

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