Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hi to all you zoo keepers out there, it's David here to tell you all about our second birthday party.  Mom and Dad had been preparing us for weeks on how to say "two."  I'm not really one to brag.....okay maybe a little, but Margot and I totally nailed our age when asked.  Ba totally outdid herself with the decorations - we had a zoo animal theme.  It was really neato.  

 All the usual adults were there, but we also had some friends closer to our age come - our cousins Braden and Calen, and our friends Bennett and Paige.  We had fun swinging with everyone and playing on our new chairs.  

 Boy was I glad Bennett was swinging with me.  I was worried I would grow out of the swing soon.  This confirms I have a couple more years.  Phew.

One of our favorite things about the party had to be the unlimited animal crackers!  Lions and tigers and bears oh my!  We were in heaven.  Large amounts of the party passed where I would not even take my eyes or hands away from the bowl. 

Margot reading her new potty book.  I got one, too.

Aunt Denise gave Margot a Jessie doll!  Now maybe Margot won't take my Woody doll.  I think it will work great.

Goodies for all our buddies.

Margot in full Jessie mode.  I'm in the background being held by my cousin Elizabeth.

 Mommy showing me how to work the bell on my new Radio Flyer scoot-about.

I'll leave you with a final shot of me sneaking up on Da (with my "2" visor).  Hilarious.  He loves it when I sneak up on him.  Everyone does, really.  I'm not sure how effective I am since I am always giggling from the time I get the idea to do it until the dastardly deed is done.  I'll have to think about that. That is all for now.
Your humble two year old

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