Friday, December 10, 2010


Mom keeps showing this video to everyone, so we thought we might as well post it for the world to see.  Mom has been taking lots of other pictures, but our computer has been down, so posting has been difficult.  We will be better in 2011, I promise!  I'm off to take a nap.....Love, Margot.

Monday, November 22, 2010

First job

Hi everyone, it's David here!  We had our first job this a flower girl (Margot) and a ring bearer (me) for aunt Martha and uncle Chris' wedding!  It was so much fun.  Ba and aunt Denise converted our wagon to a wedding-worthy carriage.  It was a game day decision whether Margot would go down the aisle, but our new friend Maddox came through with some Cheerios and "made it work" (can you tell mom watches Project Runway with us?).  I know we haven't posted in a while.  The computer was broken for a while, um, maybe because we bent the screen back too far.  Oops!  Since we last posted, we had our first REAL Halloween.  Mom and Dad dressed us up as chicks (and ate all our candy).
Things are crazy at our house right now as Mom and Dad are getting ready to host Thanksgiving.  We are sure we'll have lots of good pics to post soon.
Later, alligator!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bookworm Blah Blah

Hi everyone, it's David!  While Margot has been reading, reading, reading, we have also been having a lot of fun.

We have been having a blast playing with our friends Paige and Bennett.  They have so many fun toys that they share with us....even a piano!  Paige is showing us how to play.  Maybe we will get some video for you all later!

Mom and Dad took us to the De La Salle pumpkin patch event.  It was pretty cool.  We got to see our friends Liana, Maeve, and Nathan, and dad bought us a pumpkin.

Then mom and dad took us to Andre's!  We saw aunt Denise there and had so much fun.  Margot pretty much read the whole time (I know you aren't surprised), but I had so much fun exploring the dining room with my vroom vroom car.

We went on a FUN road trip last Tuesday to see GAM and GUD.  They are on a cross country bike ride, so we haven't seen them since AUGUST!  We drove down to Girard, KS to see them (and had to stop at Walmart on the way to get me a new blanket).  

Lots of friends were there, including our friend from the NICU Karlie!  She let me wear her glasses (you'll see some video later).  So cool.

We made sure to sit by GAM because we miss her so much.  She always makes us feel so special!

Mom decided it was FINALLY time to break out the wagon.  She and Aunt Denise took us on a walk to the park (we met Paige there).  Mom said we are supposed to be practicing for Aunt Martha's wedding.  What does that mean?  I guess we will find out.

Here is our video montage of the last couple of weeks.  It starts with Margot doing her thing when she gets tired in the car.  Hilarious if you ask me!  Then you will see me with Karlie's cool shades....and then my new popper toy.  The end is Margot doing her party tricks for mom.  She is such a brown-noser!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Marvelous Margot here-
We like to work smarter, not harder at the Fair house.  That is why we were thrilled that our friend Avery posted a blog post for us.  She is our blogging inspiration, so when she dedicated almost a whole entry to our fun playdate, we were tickled.  Then David got a smart idea.  He said we should post Avery's post.  That way we can show everyone all the fun pictures without having to do all that uploading stuff.  I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste Avery's whole post (plus that would be plageary, plagueary, plagery, plagiary).  Luckily my bro showed me how to post a link.
Camaraderie Is Awesome  That is the name of Avery's post.  I decided to one-up him with the fancy hyperlink.  Ha!
And I couldn't resist downloading ONE picture from Avery's post - my favorite.  Is David in the ball pit or on a waterslide?  Also, I see London, I see France!  Tee hee.  I couldn't resist.
You can REALLY see David's underpants if you click on this link.  Seriously, I am on fire with the hyperlinks.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Wednesday from Happy Hair Margot

HI there!  It's Margot with some pictures and video for you.  Mom caught this funny video of David laughing.  He is such a ham.  And I am walking all the time now (bring on the dresses).  The video shows me walking at the Manhattan Country Club.  I was on top of the world!  Don't be alarmed by the squeaking in the background.  Mom and Dad think it's funny to put them in our shoes to encourage us to walk.  We know they really just want another way to keep track of us.
We love watching visitors come see us.  Here we are waiting for mom to get home from work.
We have a new stroller that we LOVE because we get to face each other...when we want to.  Sometimes David takes my bottle, the little bandit!  I have to be turned away as to not give him a piece of my mind.  
We love uncle Jeff.  He comes to take us on walks, too.  He teaches us things, like how to play the peeano..peano..piano.
I wasn't sure about putting this one in because David's head tends to get BIG when he gets love from his lady friends.  Paige looked so cute in this one that I had to include it.  Ha!
That's all for now.  Mom said it's time to go to bed, so David and I are heading to the nursery.  We're not promising to fall asleep right away, but we are pretty good about hanging out in our cribs when they say it's "bedtime."  Usually David talks my ear off until I fall asleep, similar to what Dad did to Aunt Lulu when they shared a room.  Catch you later, alligator!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vroom Vroom

Hi everyone! It's Margot. Mom was out of town last weekend in Atlanta for Aunt Martha's bachelorette party. She called us a lot from Aunt Jane's house. We thought she'd come back on Sunday, but she stayed for 3 MORE DAYS going to different places for work. We had a lot of fun at Ba and Da's. And Aunt Denise came to visit....she helped me film David playing with his car:

Ramblin' Man

Hi everyone, it's David! Mom and Dad went to the K-State game on Mom's birthday, so we had lots of time with Grandma (Manhattan pictures to come in a later post) to plan this blog entry. We know, we know...we haven't posted in a while and have lots to share. We've been very busy playing with our new ball pit and slide....and learning to put our cups on our heads.

We had our annual get-together with all the Bolliers at Connie and Marcel's. It was so much more fun this year because we could walk/crawl around and play with all the Wehrle and Bollier kids. I really hit it off with Gavin. He was so nice and played with me through the window to the hallway. Margot and Lauren had a blast together. Lauren really liked Margot's shoes. Sheesh...girls!

We went to our first funeral recently, too. It was in Topeka. It was our first trip to Topeka aside from when we have driven through on the way to Manhattan. I'm told the funeral was lovely - an outside service for Aunt Vivian. We never met, but Mom said we would have loved her. Lots of family was there, and Aunt Cheryl kept us in line during the service. We liked hearing all the adults singing songs and tried to join in, unfortunately we're not very good at words yet, or timing, but I digress.

GAM and GUD are on a TWO MONTH trip biking across the country right now (well, GUD is driving, GAM is biking). We really wanted to see them before they left, so we asked Mom and Dad to have a dinner at our house. As usual we were pretty much the life of the party. Apparently everyone left shortly after we went to bed. You'd think Mom and Dad could have kept them entertained without us.

Our friend Nathan - who is only 6 months older than us came over to check out our digs. He loved the ball pit. There's something like eleventy billion balls in there! We had an awsome time playing with him and checking out what big kids do. Margot pretty much started walking all over the place after he left.
Well, that's it for now. Margot is working on pulling together all our pictures and videos from our trip to Manhattan and some fun play time with our friend Paige (who is turning one tomorrow - Happy Birthday, Paige!). I can't promise how early we'll post. Mom and Dad have a busy week planned for us including a play date with Avery and a birthday party for Paige. We have lots of fans out there that we don't want to disappoint, so we'll try to hurry. Smell ya later! -David

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Wow! Margot and I thought when we took over this blog from mom that we'd be MUCH better at keeping it current. But we forgot about the fact that mom and dad never let us use the computer. Ugh! We finally got a hold of the laptop, so here are the pictures and videos we've been amassing.

The big news is that I am now WALKING. Not exclusively - crawling is too much fun - but I walk half the time these days. Here's a video mom got of one of my first big journeys across the kitchen:

Aside from the walking, we have been quite the social butterflies. Here is a picture of us with Evelyn Bachamp (I think she likes me).

And to show what a chick magnet I really am, here's a picture of me with Maeve O'Rourke.

Mom snapped these pics when we met our friends Maeve and Liana Jaramillo over at Liana's house. Since Mom and Dad have been so good to us we let them hang out too. Here are some action shots of the evening. BTW, my flirting is pretty subtle, but I think Liana got it, you'll see!

We also have been going over to our friends Bennett and Paige's house. Sometimes Mom and Dad put us in this pack and play after dinner. Bored in a pack and play = time to get a little bit ornery!

Things have been really fun at Ba and Da's lately. Every Friday is now BALL PIT DAY! It is fantastic. Here's a picture of the pit that started it all. This is the Leuschen's pit in Lawrence. Of course, after mom saw how much we loved it, she bought us our own (sucker). Ours is a little different, though, it's a pop-up one that Ba brings out on Fridays and then puts away for the rest of the week.

Margot told me she'd give me half of her next bottle if I posted this funny pic of me doing a headstand. We both enjoy a little yoga before bed time. Downward facing dog, or upward facing diaper as Dad calls it is my best move so far.

That's all for now. I've got to get back to pulling all my books off the bookshelf (Margot is having all the fun without me right now) - plus Dad wants to use the computer to check out all his boring sports and stock stuff. Margot said she'd post again soon!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's Margot! I'm back with another video. Mom and Dad think it's funny when we bounce together in our "offices"....we haven't done it in a while because we're getting too big for them, but mom found this video from a couple of months ago.
And here is a funny one of Dad throwing David in the air....and of me causing some mischief with GAM!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Video star

Hi everyone, it's Margot! I did some googling (google-ing?) and found out how to put videos on the blog. I thought I'd start with this great one mom and dad caught of David playing peek-a-boo. It's pretty funny. He's such a teacher's pet!

There will be more videos coming....stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We're taking over

Okay, so mom has been so busy that she has been a total slacker on our blog. She makes excuses like work, life, chasing dad and us around now that we're all three crawling and almost walking, but we don't buy it. We want people to know what we're up to, so we are taking the blog over! We drew straws, and I (David) got the longest one, so I get to write our first entry.

We went out to breakfast with our friend Avery Davenport (you can check out her blog here) and learned all about this blogging thing. She said it was pretty easy, so we thought we'd try it.

Summer has been great. We were too little (and too in the hospital) to fully enjoy last summer....but boy are we making up for lost time now! Da put up these great swings in the courtyard so we can swing ALL THE TIME! How cool is that?

And look at the pool Ba got for us. It's like bath-time but better! We like sitting in our pool or getting in the big pool with the other kids. GAM (Great Aunt Mary) gave us each a floaty seat so we can float around the big pool and stay out of the sun. Mom still finds the need to slather us with sunscreen all the time, though. Ugh.

Margot wanted me to put in this picture of her with our soon-to-be cousins Braden and Calen. We have been able to spend lots of time with them this summer which has been fantastic. They are really busy with baseball, but they like to come over and swim with us, too!

In honor of father's day, Margot picked out some recent pictures of dad with us. Here's dad helping me use a rocking chair at Great Uncle Pat and Great Aunt Cheryl's. I told him I had it down, but he is such a worry-wart! Parents, what can you do?

Here's one of dad and Margot at the annual NICU reunion from earlier in the day. Between you and me, I think Margot had had enough of Mommy's camera wagging. We had a great time there seeing the kids we met in the hospital! Well, actually, we didn't meet them back then....but we heard a lot about them from mom and dad. We got to meet them this year. We also got to see some of our old doctors and nurses. Most of them still remember us, duh. I'd be surprised if they didn't! We think it will be even more fun next year when we can play in the inflatables and enjoy face painting and other kid stuff.

Sunday night we went to Aunt Martha and Uncle Chris' house for Uncle Chris' birthday. It was a blast. We got to eat pizza crust and play with Braden and Calen. Plus, Aunt Martha had just moved all her stuff from her condo and we found this cool mirror she had put on the ground for us. Don't laugh at my pilgrim outfit, you know you love it.

That's all for now. Margot is in charge for the next one, and she's going to try to figure out how to post videos because mom has been getting lots of good ones.

Catch ya later alligator,