Tuesday, April 27, 2010

David and Margot are ONE!!!

One year ago today David and Margot came into our lives!!! They are such blessings.

Here are some pictures from their birthday:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter update

Margot and David have been growing so much! They turned 11 months old, and Margot got two teeth! David already has six teeth and is VERY mobile. He's not walking yet, but is crawling everywhere and is pulling up on (and chewing on) everything. Margot isn't crawling yet - she prefers to sit and play.

We had a fantastic time at aunt Martha and uncle Chris' house for Easter!

Margot having Easter "linner":
Getting ready to open Easter baskets:
David playing at Chris and Martha's:
David loves to pull up on everything:
Margot eating Aunt Mary's hair:
We've been enjoying the nice weather with lots of get togethers and parties. We had a party for our friend Peter's birthday and have attended several family dinners.

Pics from Peter's party:

Margot at play:
David ready for a nap?:
Relaxing after Peter's party:
Margot with Uncle Doug and Aunt Mary:
Calen and Braden with the twins:
David "meeting" Bailey:
David with Aunt Cheryl: