Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh yeah, I'll tell you something, I think you'll understand.

Hi guys.  It's David.  We can't swing outside so we have been finding indoor diversions.  One of our favorite things to do is play on our indoor slide.  Here is a pretty good video showing our skills.  I have recently learned to spin around until dizzy, and I'm pretty proud of being able to do it without spilling a drop of milk.

We had breakfast with Aunt Martha, Uncle Chris, and Jeff Ness on Sunday (First Watch, of course) and took these photos after.  Jeff and Chris taught me to drink from a straw.  In the words of Miley Cyrus (Disney star), 'it's pretty cool.'  Aunt Martha thought we looked cute enough in our coats to snap even more photos of us before we grow out of them.  In the last pic you will notice that we're getting pretty good at holding hands on command.

I take after my Pops, so naturally I have figured out how to wrap mom around my little finger....I help her with laundry!  She thinks I'm such a good boy when I put away the socks.  I can't do the shirts yet.  Hushed tone - She doesn't realize I can fold clothes, I don't think I want her to know for now so I just put the clean socks in the clean laundry bin while she puts things away from the dryer.  It's so easy to make her happy.  Margot is spending all this time showing Mommy new words and blowing kisses, but all I have to do is put socks away.  Ha!  See ya soon, Baboon


Monday, January 10, 2011

Margot's Movie Time

Hello Fair fans, it's Margot here with a movie for you.  How about a winter montage I put together beginning with one of my favorite activities with Daddy?  I also added a clip from earlier this season where David is showing me the proper way to ride my horse.  If you are true, observant fans, you will rekognize, recognise, recognize the outfits we are wearing from David's last post.  So you all know by now that I'm pretty great, but get this, I am taller than my brother!  Dad wants me to be tall enough that I can go out in the mornings and get him his paper.  Ha!  That'll be the day.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We're back!

Okay, Mom and Dad finally got a new computer!  This is good.  This means we can re-connect with all our fans out there.  Margot said we should post a bunch of pics to catch everyone up.  In the first two I am rocking a pink collared shirt under my sweater.  Pretty impressive, I would have to agree.  Before I take all the credit for my extraordinary style, how about Margot with a choo-choo hat and her gum ball dress?  Watch out Vanity Fair!